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The number of orphans in Uganda stands at approx. two (2) million out of a total of about 9 million children of ages 0-12 years, and an over all population of 22 million . This buy any standards is a formidable number for even healthy economies to handle .In the case of Uganda ,the economy has been devastated by past wars and political instability, both at national and household level.

The orphan problem is still on going owing to the prevalence of aids and pockets of instability in some areas of the country and it poses a real danger to the development of this country.
Children, who miss opportunities for improving themselves today, will be a big burden to society and of no use to themselves in future.
The problem calls for every compassionate heart to give a helping hand.
In 2000, a group of people got together to find ways and means to help alleviate the suffering of orphans and to offer support to families which had taken on these children.
That is when NEEDY CHILD RESCUE WAS BORN (NCR) was born, a non-Governmental organization.

To date (400) orphans of all ages and religious backgrounds have passed through the caring hands of NCR and we have had the privilege of having two of our children at University.
Our hearts' desire is that by the year 2005, NCR would have had solicited sponsorship for 2000 orphans and would have managed to send many through vocational Schools and colleg

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